Monday, July 28, 2014

Meat And Vegetable Diet - My Experience

Hi! First off I have to say how happy I am that you're reading this! I've been focused on improving my health for quite some time now and have made tremendous improvements in the way I look, act, perform and feel both mentally and physically.

However, over the past year and a half I haven't been as consistent with my diet plan as I would like to be and have fallen back on some of my progress. I'll eat ideally for two to three days or so and then end up indulging in something I don't consider healthy for me even though I'm not really craving it. In fact I'm usually craving things like sugar and processed foods less than I was in the days previous to my indulgence, but I give in anyway. It's more of a "I earned this" mentality that drives it.

Anyway, I've decided to do a little experiment. I'm committing to 16 days of an all Meat And Vegetable Diet! And when I say vegetables I mean non-starchy vegetables. So that means no potatoes! I'll be sticking to things like broccoli, carrots,

I'll be taking in absolutely no refined sugar or sweeteners of any kind. I will even be putting the kibosh on fruit for this time period (don't get me wrong, fruit is a very healthy food if not overeaten). This will be similar to the 21 Day Sugar Detox diet in that I'll be excluding so much sugar from my diet and of course eliminating sweeteners. However, I'll be going a little more "extreme". (Note that I don't consider this all that extreme, but rather a very ideal diet for me). I'll be eating 4 general things throughout this time:

1. High quality meat (preferably only organic, grass fed/pastured) prepared in healthy ways (baking, pan frying without oil, crock pot etc) and gelatin (as another highly beneficial protein source)

2. Cooked and juiced vegetables only (No raw veggies. I have impaired digestion which is one the reason I am committing to this diet in the first place. It's very inline with the logic behind the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, or SCD, and the Gut And Psychology Syndrome diet or GAPS, which has served me quite well in the past.)

3. Herbs, Sea Salt, Pepper and some other spices

4. High quality fats (Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO))

I'll also be consuming plenty of filtered water and probably taking a few supplements here and there that I always take.

It all starts tomorrow, July 29th, 2014! I will be documenting my experience each day and hope to have encouraging news to report back to you! Check back for updates and photos periodically!

Wish me luck! I'll see you on the other side!



  1. Can you give some stats on yourself? Age, weight, height, general health, typical diet outside this one.

  2. Hey Anonymous... I'm 30 years old, just under 5'10", and around 153 lbs. My health is decent at this point in time, but I've had a lot of struggles throughout my life that I was able to get in line primarily with dietary and lifestyle changes. I've had lifelong asthma (which responds amazingly to a diet like this) and a lot of other issues like major fatigue, joint pains, depression issues, digestive issues. skin issue etc that I've been able to clear up over the past few years. Now I try to eat meat and cooked/juiced veggies as a baseline in my diet with some fruit in moderation, raw veggies here and there (raw tend to be more difficult to digest) and occasionally foods that I've found aren't ideal for me but not detrimental such as beans and nuts. Grains, sugar and dairy are foods I avoid as much as I can but do indulge on sometimes. I try to avoid processed foods as much as possible, but if the ingredients are organic and free of certain things that I know can cause issues for me I will choose that over say, grains and dairy. For example, I ate organic, uncured grassfed hotdogs throughout my first 16 day all meat and veggie experiment. Prob not the best choice, but I was on the go a lot and they're quick, easy and have a pretty solid ingredient list for a package of hot dogs!



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