Thursday, November 20, 2014

Get Rid of Dandruff! Meat and Veggie Diet Round 2 is Coming to a Close!

Here I am on day 7, mid-morning and feeling very good. I didn't suffer from any of the negative effects that I went through in my initial 16 day experiment so far this go around. I believe this is the case because:

1. I didn't do a 20 hour fast the first couple days of this round

2. My body was a little more adapted which was probably a result of the 16 day Meat and Veggie Diet Experiment from last time

3. I wasn't AS restrictive. The RAW Green drink I was taking in technically had plant foods other than just vegetables in it, but it was all for the better (at 5 grams of total carbs per serving, a fraction of those coming from fruit juice and taking it once a day it really wasn't much)

4. I made sure to get enough carbs from my veggies in general. Not a tone but at the least, 70 grams a day and didn't exceed say 130 grams or so.

5. This is a big one... I ate peas. Peas are technically legumes, so I was in essence cheating a little bit. (But they're still green! Right?!?) This is something I didn't eat last time and peas are a good source of carbs. Some say they can even be considered a "safe starch" <---Paleo Diet world terminology. I'll say one thing about them. They tasted good and I'm glad I didn't hit any intense fatigue or stressed feelings!

NOTE - I was indulging quite a bit from mid September just up until a few days before November 14, 2014 when I began this meat and veggie diet round

I've seen nothing, but benefits from all meat and vegetables (and a few peas) this time which has been really encouraging! It's truly amazing how eating healthy can significantly impact your health in such positive ways!

Here are a few of the effects from eating all meat and vegetables this go around!

1. Dandruff Vanished Again! 

This is huge for me. I've struggled so much with dandruff and hair loss over the past 10 plus years and it wasn't until somewhat recently that I figured out how easily (with dedication) I could get rid of dandruff. Of course, it can and will come back the further and longer I stray from the principles that have worked to rid my scalp of flakes in the first place. Low carb is huge, although I've been able to eat higher amounts of carbs again without the same recurrence of dandruff that I've had in the past it will come back. Can eating all meat and veggie cure dandruff. Sort of, yes! just make sure you're digestion is working well enough to digest everything. If you're constipated your dandruff will typically flourish.

2. Higher Energy / Clearer Mind

I noticed these effects quite easily again. Although I had none of the fatigue waves that I did last time so it was all smooth sailing in the mental clarity department. 

3. Strength Increases Without Exercise

Hey friends!

Now, since I have not been in the gym, but for a few quick and intensity deprived cardio type workouts, in the past few months I was kind of at a baseline and was able to notice these subtle strength increases. If I had been in the gym 5 days a week for the last year, lifting heavy weights and getting plenty of high quality, nutrient dense food in my diet then my muscles would have been working more optimally and I don' think I would have noticed as much improvement (but then again, maybe I would!).

4. Clearer Skin

This goes along with the dandruff issue. My skin is smoother, less sensitive etc. I just feel more comfortable

5. Overall sense of well being

I just feel good! LOL!

From my second round of documenting eating all meat and vegetables I have to say that is certainly an empowering way of eating and the benefits are real. If you want more energy, clearer thinking, better skin, less dandruff, stronger hair, improved digestion etc. give it a try. Even if it's just a few days to start you'll see some long term benefits. Just remember to listen to your body! Oh and it's my belief that relying way more on cooked or juiced veggies is the way to go, ESPECIALLY if you have any digestive issues (most do even if they don't realize it).

Happy vegging! Have a great Thanksgiving!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ok I'm going for another round! Only this time I'm going to change things up a bit. I'm not going to be so restrictive. This will be a short run of the Meat and Vegetable Diet, but with raw veggies allowed. Not that I'll eat that many of them though. I'll also have to break it after 7 days as I have a vegetarian wedding to go to next Saturday and I believe avoiding some fruit or grains will be next to impossible (unless I just don't eat which is a possibility...)

I'll also allow things like tea (not that I necessarily plan on having any) and the raw green drink I love taking that serves as a living multivitamin. Like the saying goes, "Meat and veggies... it's what's for dinner... and breakfast... and lunch... and brunch"

I start tomorrow! Stay tuned!