Friday, August 1, 2014

Here's the wrap up on Day 3...

I feel highly energetic and even more focused than the last two days!

Yesterday I probably only took in around 15 grams of carbs tops after a 22 hours fast. So I've been on a really, really low carb diet. I don't like doing that, even though it does have some benefits.However, I've been incredibly busy and haven't planned well for my meals.

Today I didn't start eating until 11:30 am which is somewhat typical for me. I had some bone broth (tremendous benefit from this) more crock pot chicken breast on the bone which was leftover from last night and some steamed zucchini and yellow squash with coconut oil and Celtic Sea Salt (I should have mentioned this before, but Celtic Sea Salt is by far my favorite tasting sea salt and it's unrefined, just as sea salt should be, meaning you get a bunch of other minerals with the sodium chloride you take in).

Tell me this isn't the happiest zucchini you've ever seen...

Smiling Zucchini

That was all I had until dinner at 5:45 pm. I started with another fresh pressed cucumber and celery juice and then had some steamed carrots and the rest of the leftover chicken from last night. I can't wait to change it up tomorrow and cook something a little more interesting.

So now for an update on how my body is reacting...

1. My stank is gone

If you read yesterday's post then you probably took note of the fact that I STUNK yesterday (maybe it wasn't that bad, but I smelled to some degree for sure). Honestly, if I would have used some good deodorant I probably would have been fine, but I haven't used regular deodorant in a while and I don't really need it a lot of the time so long as I'm eating healthy. Regardless, the body odor part of the transition seems to have passed for me. That may change if I eat a head of garlic, but for now I'm good.

2. My itchy nose is gone

I didn't notice one urge to scratch my nose all day. I think I made it past that little die off effect. I'll report if it comes back.

3. No nausea or diarrhea at all

I don't think I really need to expand too much on this, but I had a very short run in with the two yesterday. I seem to be passed these as well.

4. Zero congestion

I had a little yesterday morning. Today I was completely clear. What's significant about this is I spent late last night vacuuming an old dusty, cat hair ridden couch and the rest of an enclose room with no windows and I really didn't react at all. The last time I did this in the same room (about a month and a half ago), I had a horrible asthma attack.

5. My TMJ jaw felt better

Yesterday I had an issue with a sensitive side of my jaw due to long lived TMJ. It was gone today and I feel much better. I hope it gets even better as inflammation in my body comes down further into this diet.

6. Ringing in the ears and hyperacusis have improved

This is big for me. It was somewhat expected, but I didn't think I'd notice such an improvement so fast. My ringing is very, very low and only noticeable if I plug my ears with my fingers and listen for it for a second or two. My hyperacusis (sensitivity to sound) is doing better too, but still there for sure. Now, I can easily take a step backward again just by eating the wrong thing once or exposing myself to too much sound so I'm still going to be very cautious, but this is really encouraging.

And here are some new negative changes...

1. Small amount of anxiety (late night didn't help)

This is a new one. I woke up feeling really tired and somewhat anxious. I was up late last night (Wednesdays are always late for me) and woke up early, only getting around 5 1/2 hours of sleep. I can usually do ok with that amount of sleep, but it's in no way ideal and seeing as I've been eating so low carb I think my body could have used a little more sleep. Anyway that passed by 8 am or so and I ended up very energetic and focused all day. Once I ate I felt even better.

2. Odd vibration sensation on left side of tongue

This was weird. I had never encountered this before. It only lasted for an hour or two in the afternoon and came on intermittently during that time. Of course, I Googled it quickly and the first thing I read about it is that it can be indicative of some sort of central nervous system damage. I took a fall this past Friday hitting my head very hard (I believe I had a concussion) and getting pretty bothersome whiplash, so that may have something to do with it. I seem to have recovered quite quickly as I have no headache or neck pain and it's only been 6 days at this point and it was after I started the diet that my progress really took off. However, I can't make any real connection between the two other than interesting observations. I'll keep an eye on the tongue vibration thing.

So all of these changes in my body have taken place after only 3 days of this diet. This just goes to show how much what you eat affects you. I hope things start to get even more interesting in the coming days! Stay tuned!


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