Friday, August 8, 2014

11 Days in! Passed half way!

When I first started this meat and vegetable diet experiment I was hoping that the second half of the experience would be when the really interesting things happened. Well, I'm one day into the second half and so far I having nothing all that impressive to report.

All the early effects of my body adapting to the diet (itchy nose, changes in hearing etc) have seemed to stabilize, but I haven't noticed anything really awesome yet. Maybe in a few days.

I had no issues of fatigue today which is probably just because I'm getting enough carbs now. I had chicken soup for breakfast and the leftover spaghetti squash that I cooked last night for lunch. Right there I got a decent amount of carbs. Somewhere in the range of 100 grams of carbs seems to be optimal for my energy needs depending on activity level, sleep patterns and stress.

For lunch I just had the leftover spaghetti squash and meatballs from last night (good amount of carbs there).

For diner I winged it and cooked up a stir fry (I know, I love stir fry) grass fed beef and some sort of eggplant, scallions and green peppers along with some mashed cauliflower/carrots (This was amazing) made with coconut oil, sea salt and pepper. I just so happen to have been given a few bags FULL of vegetables from a local CSA (perfect timing) that my girlfriend's sister is a member of so I've been experimenting with a bunch of veggies I don't always buy. I highly suggest getting involved in a CSA if you can. It's easy, cheap and fun!

I also kept up on the same supplement list as yesterday.

All in all I felt great today!

Til tomorrow!


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