Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day 4

I should mention that last night I had slight bit of nausea again, but it was less than Day 2 and more of a gas thing

Today was my day to sleep in. I didn't get to sleep until about 1:00 am and slept until around 8:45 am. I took a probiotic first thing when I got up. I took a different kind which I find to be one of the only probiotics I've ever taken that's had a noticeable effect. It's called Dr Ohirra's.

For breakfast I started with a green juice, consisting of kale, celery, ginger and dandelion. Not necessarily the most appetizing drink, but it will give you a nice feeling of wellness right after drinking it.

For lunch I had some steamed cauliflower, carrots and zucchini with coconut oil and some grass fed beef pan fried burgers with sea salt, pepper, parsley, cinnamon (amazing secret ingredient) and Great Lakes Gelatin for some awesome gut healing, stress reducing, collagen building goodness.

Grass Fed Cinnamon Burgers!

I had an early dinner which was quite similar to lunch. Grass fed beef with similar spices, but a little heavier on the gelatin and cinnamon and steamed carrots, zucchini, yellow squash and onions. I usually mix everything together in a bowl with coconut oil and some extra sea salt and it tastes awesome. you can think of it as a hot salad... sort of.

I also had a decently active evening and night and was very hungry when I got it. All I had to eat was a package of Applegate's Great Organic American Uncured Hot Dogs so I ate a couple of those. It was a late night meal and I don't particularly enjoy partaking in late night meals, but hey... a guy's gotta eat. The ingredients are actually very simple and in line with the all Meat and Vegetable Diet. And to top it off they're made with grass fed beef.

Applegate Great Organic American Uncured Hot Dog ingredients:

Organic Grass-Fed Beef, Water. Contains Less Than 2% Of The Following: Sea Salt, Organic Spices, Organic Dehydrated Garlic, Organic Dehydrated Onion, Organic Paprika, Celery Powder.

Some of the changes in my body I noticed today...

1. Small amount of scalp inflammation

This, like all the other negative effects I've noticed so far, was very minimal. It comes in the form of a few very small blemishes and is usually a sign of detoxifying for me. At the start of a new strict diet it usually comes on and then fades away. My scalp will become less prone to dandruff and itchiness and my hair will become stronger. I expect this to be the case this time as well.

2. Short lived fatigue

I had a period of about an hour in the afternoon when I was feeling extremely tired. Other than that I had great energy all day. I don't know why it came on, but the fatigue could have been due to 2 late nights in a row, not drinking enough water, not getting enough carbs in the past few days or possibly a blood sugar low from the green drink in the morning. Regardless, it passed quickly.

3. Almost no ringing in my ears

Even after a night filled with loud music exposure the ringing in my ears has gone down even more. I had a brief period today where my hyperacusis seemed to worsen, but that's how it goes with this issue. In fact it coincided with my fatigue. Anytime I get stressed it seems to get worse so that makes sense to me.

4. Teeth are feeling stronger

They seem to be looking whiter and are certainly feeling stronger, but that's all subjective.

5. Very thirsty

Due to my low carbing over the prior days I may have dehydrated myself a little bit. This is a common symptom of ketosis or very low carb diets. No worries. I just drank some more water and felt better.

As briefly mentioned earlier, this could also explain the fatigue issue I was having this afternoon.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. I'll check in with you tomorrow!


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