Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day 8 - The start of week 2

Now that I'm over a week in, cravings seem to have diminished more. I've still got quite the appetite, but when I think of satisfying food I'm thinking of tasty meat and veggie dishes and not so much candy bars or even fruit for that matter. Sure I still think about grabbing an apple when I'm hungry because it's quick and easy, but I can do without it, no problem.

Today is also the day I stop eating hot dogs! Keep in mind when I say "hot dog" I mean Applegate's The Great Organic Hot  Dog, made with grass fed beef and no added nitrates (there are still going to be naturally occurring nitrates), and not your typical hot dog you'd get at a baseball game. And of course I eat them without the bun. Nonetheless, there are still some downsides to higher quality ingredient based processed meats and I'm pretty sure my body will do better without them right now. I may still reach for one in a pinch, but I hope to avoid hot dogs way more than I did this past weekend!

Today's highlights... I was tired. Not from the diet though! I was tired because I didn't get to sleep until about 1:00 am and was up at 4:15 am. I've always been one who needs more sleep and nights like this really drain me. Since I've improved my health I've needed less sleep to function well, but there's nothing like getting a good eight hours. Especially when I get sleep like that consistently.

I really didn't notice any paramount changes in my body or mind one way or the other today. Perhaps I've plateaued a bit. As I mentioned my skin has been clearer with exception of my scalp. the skin improvements have continued and my scalp has cleared up some as well. Those are really the only things I noticed.

Here's what I ate today...

Breakfast: -Leftover veggie stir fry from last night
                 -Mashed cabbage with olive oil, sea salt, pepper and diced chives

No lunch (busy day)

Dinner: -Spicy pan fried (without oil) chicken with sea salt, pepper, white pepper, turmeric, ginger, cayenne                 pepper and some added coconut oil after the fact
            -Steamed broccoli, carrots and cauliflower with coconut oil, sea salt and pepper

So that's my day 8! Time to catch up on some much needed sleep! See you tomorrow!


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