Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 7 - One Week Complete!

I made it a week! There were a couple rough days there, but it really wasn't that bad. It seems to me that my body was just adjusting to the diet and the lack of sugar.

Last night I was feeling much better and although I was craving foods that I can't eat right now I attribute that to the fact that my girlfriend and I went to see "Chef". It's the latest Jon Favreau flick all about a top notch chef in L.A. decides to start a food truck when he's down and out after a terrible critic review. The film highlights some of the most mouth watering food I've ever seen and will surely inspire one to refine their culinary skills. Although it was a very well done, enjoyable, feel good film I highly suggest NOT watching while on an all Meat and Vegetable Diet! I can't even begin to describe how badly I wanted a Cubano Sandwich last night.

Today, the cravings subsided and the fatigue has passed. I'm starting to really feel myself again, but optimized. The energy and focus are increasing again (although the focus never really diminished even while I was very fatigued), I feel strong even though I haven't lifted weights in weeks, and I have an overall sense of well being that's come on.

As I had mentioned in an earlier post I had a little skin flare up on my scalp. It seems better today, but I will keep an eye on it. The rest of my skin is fine and actually a little bit clearer than normal.

I took a trip to doctor today and had some blood drawn. I'm curious to see the results to make sure I'm doing alright. I should get them by the end of the week and I'll be sure to post them up here for anyone who's curious how a week of eating all meat and veggies could affect blood results. Unfortunately, I did not take my blood at the very beginning of the diet to compare against, but I do have blood work from 1 year ago which will do some good. Not exactly a double blind study, but insightful nonetheless. Keep in mind all our bodies are a little different.

I also noticed today that I seem to have better hand eye coordination and agility and I feel generally stronger. Over the past week my sexual desire has also increased dramatically, leading me to believe that my testosterone levels are rising. I don't believe I'm getting them tested though. I usually do, but forgot to ask this time. In the past I was able to increase my T levels very significantly through the use of diet almost exclusively.

Breakfast: Chicken stir fry with green and yellow zucchini, bok choy, red bell peppers, sea salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, parsley and some gelatin for its healing and collagen rebuilding effects


Lunch: Leftover crock pot chicken breast from yesterday
                            Steamed baby carrots with coconut oil and sea salt

In between lunch and dinner snack: Applegate Great Organic Hot Dogs (No more hotdogs for me this week...)

Dinner: Vegetable stir fry with zucchini, eggplant, kale, sea salt, pepper, red pepper, parsley (No meat???  Nope, not tonight.)


One last thing I want to point out is that for the most part I'm using organic vegetables only. It's very difficult to avoid eating a conventional (or possibly not certified organic) veggie here and there, but I try to as much as I can. Some of the biggest pros of this diet is bringing down the amount of toxins you put into your body, improving digestions and thus absorption of nutrients, and increasing the amount of nutrients you put into your body. The overall result is detoxification (I'm very reluctant to call this a detox diet because of the recent emergence of fad detox diets aimed primarily at losing weight). So why wouldn't you want to avoid as many toxins in your food as you can?

So like I said if organic is an option I will opt for it. Although I've had only organic for the most part, I'm sure I'll end up eating a little conventional produce here and there. If you're going to try this diet I suggest trying to stick to organic too.

Anyway, that's a wrap! 1 whole week is in the books! I can't wait to see what 14 days brings!

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