Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day 10 is behind us!

Today was another tough one just because I keep underestimating how many carbs I need and how many I take in. I was able to up my carbs with dinner tonight, but had some struggles throughout the day.

Breakfast: I had some awesome chicken soup that my girlfriend made yesterday

Lunch: Beef sauteed with kale and chives (hardle any carbs)

The layover between lunch and dinner became the hard part. I was still underslept after a late night last night and had some stressful things going on at work. The result of these stresses increased carb cravings and I almost cracked! Luckily, the commitment I've made kept me invested and kept me from giving in... I did have another Applegate Organic Hot Dog though...

Dinner: Spaghetti squash with both grass fed beef and buffalo meatballs
            Steamed green and yellow zucchini

The spaghetti squash really helped me as it's a winter squash variety with a decent amount of carbs, yet it's not too starchy and isn't as likely to cause any issues with insulin spikes that a baked potato could for some people.

I also took a few more supplements today:

2 Magnesium Malate capsules
1 Tocosorb softgel
1 B vitamin complex capsule (Thorne Research - important to take this brand because it's one of the few that has the proper types of B12 and folate. Do not take "folic acid" which is the form most supplements contain)
4 Krill Oil softgels (Better than fish oil for anti-inflammatory Omega 3 fatty acids due to the natural presence of astaxanthin, a super powerful antioxidant that keeps the highly unstable Omega 3's from oxidizing)

I'll continue to take some supplements throughout the rest of the diet and will post up what I take. If anyone has any questions about why I'm taking what, then please comment below!


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